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VermicastWe have been blessed with a mild snow free Autumn this year (fingers crossed) but you know it won’t last.  Before too long we’ll be shivering and shoveling, the green brown landscape gone under a blanket of white.  No more frolicking in the garden or digging in the dirt.  You may experience a sense of loss even, lamenting the return of the winter months.  Do NOT despair!  Worms in your indoor compost will work all year.  You can still play in the dirt to your hearts content while you happily reduce your carbon footprint and save the life of your local land fill and the planet too.

When you ask yourself when to start composting with worms, the short answer is NOW!  We can get you started for as little as $20.00.  Just think, within a couple of months you can begin to harvest castings for your indoor plants or just to store until spring.  Save them up and start some of next years seedling when the time is right.  Use them once you have some to create that indoor herb garden you’ve been dreaming about, yum, fresh herbs.  The possibilities are endless.

The best part of starting to vermicompost in your home however is the satisfaction you’re sure to feel from seeing all those kitchen scraps vanishing into beautiful perfectly balanced compost for you to use as you will.  Get going today, you can use the contact page right here on the web site or for fun, check out our Face Book.  https://www.facebook.com/NATURESPERFECTPLANTFOOD/ 

Still a little worried?  have a look at this post.  http://www.naturesperfectplantfood.com/2011/10/27/indoor-worm-bins-qa-2/ 


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