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(We are Back!  Please forgive our absence from posting in the past month, we have “fixed” the web page.  Much more great info to come.)

When we look back on a turbulent year around the world, as Canadians we can take the time to do a bit of gloating even though it’s not in our nature.  Where on this planet would you rather be than the bastion of democratic thought and multicultural peace?  We’ve worked hard to achieve this place in humanity, this island of safety on a dangerous planet.  Our record is not spotless; we are struggling to stay on the path of reconciliation with our First Nations community, but we walk that road hand in hand, nation to nation and it’s a long path indeed.

Not everyone here can boast of a clear conscience, there are racist, sexist intolerant people in this country they hide behind the comment sections in newspapers and online.  You seldom see or hear them in real life, when you do encounter a bigot you’ll find that they stand alone.  What used to be a silent majority have found their voice and a new turn of phrase has come to light…. Call them out!

Do not tolerate or meet with silence the face of discrimination, to stay quiet is to condone.  Bruised feelings heal faster than broken bones.  Racism and sexism come from fear, be patient and understanding in your gentle tutelage.  Take a page from First Nations philosophy; make sure to feed the right wolf.  Let’s be proud of the work we’ve done together to make a tolerant, just society.

Almost all of us are immigrants to this land including the very worms that make NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD the growing success we cherish today.  There’s plenty of room to welcome any newcomers and enough love to make it worth your while.  As we enter into the great unknown of 2017, stay fast in your resolve and strong in your commitment to freedom and peace.  All hail the Canadian Worm, there’s more of us than you think.

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