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The mighty collective “they” of the universe has determined; we have just past the dead of winter!  Go figure, it seems exactly like the life of winter to us.  This past Monday was deemed the most depressing day of the year, apparently after the high point of the holiday season people feel a sense of disappointment…. we say hogwash to that.  Why you may wonder are worms farmers immune to these mid winter blues?  It’s our connection to the earth of course.

Being able to touch the living heartbeat of life through soil is very beneficial to mental health.  As simple as it sounds, during the coldest months when snow lays feet deep on the ground the feel and smell of healthy living soil can be rewarding.  An indoor worm bin can do this, give people the connection they’re looking for.  Who needs a dating app when you have a worm bin eh.

Think about this, when your are actively vermicomposting you are creating, a worm bin is a constant source of life creation.  A replica of the very essence of the nitrogen carbon cycle that runs our natural world.  How cool it that!  You can lower your carbon footprint to help our environment, eat healthier with more veggies in your diet so your worms don’t starve and play in the dirt whenever you feel the need.  All these things add up to happiness.

Try it out for yourself, contact us here on the web page or through our Face Book page, worm therapy awaits. 


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