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Worms are cool!  They are the masters of bacteria and have harnessed it to become one of the only living creatures capable of breaking the strongest chemical bond in the natural world, the nitrogen bond.  Nitrogen absolutely loves itself, when one finds another they create a two molecule powerhouse that is loath to separate.  Only a Ménage à trois of nitrogen can bond with water to become soluble nitrogen that a plant can use.  It’s a force of nature and the key player in our world’s nitrogen cycle.  It’s also a bit of a love story…..

When we talk about vermicast we’re really talking about organic fertilizer complete with all the macro and micro nutrients plants need to survive including the all-important soluble nitrogen. Would you like to be a part of this amazing cycle, it’s the cycle of life itself.  All you need to do is start composting with worms, it’s very rewarding.

Your indoor bin is the window into a sustainable future.  You will create vermicast from the waste in your household.  You may use it anyway you wish from house plants to garden.  You will notice a distinct improvement in the health and quality of your plants.  When you eat those delicious veggies, the remains of your feast can go into your vermicomposting bin thus continuing the ageless nitrogen cycle.

You have become a world builder!


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