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We’ve been at this for a while now, 10 years officially, 30 actual, and in that time we’ve seen some pretty bone headed moves by government leaders both here at home and south of the border.  But nothing could prepare us for the ill wind that’s come blowing out of Donald Trump’s face hole.  Sorry people but his latest attack on our mutual environment is a step too far.

When we began our goals and mandate were and remain; protecting our environment, facilitating sustainable organic waste management and providing people with the vermiculture technology they need to reduce their carbon footprint through the use of vermicomposting and organic farming/gardening.  Global Climate Change is here now it has devastating effects felt everyday around the globe.  To deny or diminish the reality of this fact in favour of energy resource corporate interests at the expense of people living with the consequences is the height of delusion and cruelty.   You cannot imagine our disgust with the new President of the United States.  His reckless attitude toward our planet will literally be killing our future.

Within days of his conquest… err, inauguration he removed all references to climate change from the White House website.  Since then the hits just keep on coming, more pipelines, gone is the Environmental Protection Agency and he has given the go ahead to coal extraction, just to mention a few.  He’s not a lone rider either; this distain for any other than him and his has emboldened likeminded decisions from political powers closer to home.

Our very own Premier Mr. Pallister plans to open crown land to resource extraction and gut our water protection measures.  He wants to bring back the hog farms that have wreaked havoc on our lakes, rivers and lands.  We will fight back and you can too.  Just by visiting our website you’ve taken one step to gaining control, if you’re interested in worms, you’re interested in the environment.  Let our worms empower you, take another step.

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