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Take a look people; take a look at the world around you.  You’ve noticed the changes in Nature haven’t you.  Look at the picture of the late Great Barrier Reef!  Try not to cry.  If you grew up with a T.V. you’ve seen the glory of the images of this reef and ocean in its day, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.  Not to be confused with the 7 man made wonders or even the 7 ancient man made wonders of the world.  It should break your heart.

How long do you think we can hang on and are you ready for action?

Earth Day!  Deniers argue that our planet has always changed, climate is ever moving, and they remind you of the Ice Age….. hollow arguments to cover their fear.  They believe, they don’t know, but they believe that money will buy them air.  We know that slowly around us life, as we know it is breaking down.  Systems that have served for eternity can serve no longer.  It’s not the bio-sphere that’s let the planet down, it’s us.

Some of us have or will have children, how does that make you feel?  At this point in the annual Earth Day rant, we’d try to assure you that you are not helpless in the face of climatic failure….. it’s a little harder this year.  We’ve seen in our lifetimes the mass migrations of refugees from damaged and volatile areas of the world.  It’s not unprecedented. Why do you think they flee?  War, people fight for religion, politics and money, the ideologies barred from “polite” conversation.  Armies retreat, they don’t run away, it’s not soldiers fleeing their home, its families.

People that can support themselves with food, clean water and shelter in a stable environment do not run away.  When the land fails the people fail.

Now we will protect the land and water, now we will fight for our life and the life, all life, around us and we will welcome those who need a home.

It’s time for action!

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