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Raw Worm Castings

VERMICAST….WORM CAST….WORM COMPOST….What’s what in the soil world?  Are there different names for the same thing?  Yes….and no.  Let’s get the whole deal cleared up once and for all shall we.

Vermi –meaning worm from the Latin, Vermis.  Vermiculture;  all things worm, composting with worms is Vermicomposting. Worm poo, the end product from composting with worms is called Cast.  Giving us; Vermicast.  Also referred to as…wait for it…. Vermicompost.   That’s what we’ll be concentrating on today.

Vermicompost is not your average compost, it’s a different product.  Raw or fresh castings are not the same as processed ones.  Dried processed casting bought in a sealed bag has generally already been made into Worm tea; liquid organic fertilizer derived from soaking and in some cases aerating worm castings.  It’s like buying used coffee grinds.  Valuable grinds none the less.  The castings still contain soil building Humus; the organic material that houses the nutrients and water plants need to live.  It will retain some of the macro and micro fertilizing capacity but the living micro-organism component of the cast is gone.

Raw Vermicast in comparison is the yogurt of the soil world.  Jam packed with beneficial bacteria, enzymes and complex probiotic interaction. A slow release fertilizer that conditions and builds soil all the time, you will never need to worry about fertilizer “burn” ever again.  The balance of macro nutrients; Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus is consistent, always.  This versatile addition to any gardening purpose is more convenient and cost saving than any other product.  You need Vermicast.

You can make your own Worm Tea!

Contact us to place and order right here on the website or through our Face Book page.

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