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If you haven’t used castings as an organic fertilizer before, the first thing you need to know is that worm castings are a slow release feeding system.

They will keep working in the soil structure for an entire season as fertilizer then continue for a lifetime of soil structure support and enhancement.  It’s the form of the castings themselves that allow for this long term usefulness.  When you break it down to the “nitty gritty” each individual cast or “poo” from a worm is a mini piece of complete soil.  Imagine a micro world of tiny soil components with nutrients and Humus neatly packed together awaiting deployment in your home and garden.  If we think of Humus as a little sponge in castings (which have about 40% more Humus than compost) it’s the glue that holds the nutrients together.  This sponge like material is what holds nutrients, beneficial bacteria and microbes in soil, more is better.

Worm castings are easy to use and will never cause “nitrogen” burn to plants.  You can use them anytime in a myriad of ways, why not start now and contact us today for a future of organic splendor in your gardening endeavors.

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