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As we know recreational marijuana will be legal in Canada in about a year.  Yeah Canada!  Seems like a reasonable decision to us, the savings in law enforcement costs alone will improve life for all the taxpayers.

If you like many other upstanding citizens want to try to cultivate your own “smokables” at home, (up to four plants)… just like the food you put into your body, go organic.  Here’s a hint, you don’t have to smoke weed; you can eat it in many delightful forms.  Still, no matter your choice it might be of interest to know that one of the most effective organic fertilizers is Vermicast.  We can certainly help you in that department.

What you may not know or haven’t thought of is that we as a Nation would never have reached this progressive stance without the understanding of the benefits of medical marijuana.  Many people have found relief and health improvement with the use of this versatile drug.  From a topical agent that sooths sore muscles and joints to life saving reductions in brain seizures, long used by people suffering from eye problems including glaucoma and diabetes…..  Some may call it a wonder drug.

Improvements have been achieved through careful scientific exploration of the components that create such wide medical effects.  Advances have been made in the nature of the marijuana plants and their chemical components.  These changes are pioneering movements in Canada, it’s no secret we grow the best.  To that end, NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD is happy to support our growers and users, let’s go organic together.

For more info check this out,  https://www.facebook.com/theunitycup204/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE 

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