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Vermicomposting, composting with red worms, can be as complex or simple as you choose to make it, the point being that it’s a personal decision.  Whether you’re already an avid composter or just a part timer, red composting worms (Eisenia fetida) will enhance your composting experience greatly.  Not only do they allow apartment dwellers to be able to compost indoors they also improve any outdoor composting situation.

People compost for any number of reasons, some to do their part to fight Green House Gas others to improve their gardening experience.  People have different end goals in mind when starting a vermicomposting operation.  We always ask people who contact us to acquire worms what their ultimate outcome is, that way we can help them design a system that will work for them to achieve the end result they are looking for.

If your main goal is to keep food scraps out of the landfill and reduce GHG’s then you will need to manage your vermicompost differently than if your objective is to create the maximum amount of vermicast for your plants.  Obviously you can’t have one without the other of course, worms will create castings, but, if you’re in an apartment you may want to manage your bin to minimize casting growth and maximize organic waste conversion.  Likewise, if your plan is to create beautiful, fluffy castings for your home and garden, you can enhance that aspect of your operation.

We’re here to help!  If you’re composting now, you’re half way there, contact us to take the next step.  Visit our Face Book page or use the handy, dandy contact form at the bottom of each of our web page tabs, we look forward to hearing from you.



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