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Here we are in the heart of summer, lazy days and hot, hot nights bring on thoughts of lakeside picnics and fireside celebrations.  Maybe you’ve finished all the hard work of putting a garden in or perhaps your perennials are tidied up and blooming for the year, whatever your passion the middle of summer tends to be a slow time in the growing season.  In a month or so you could be up to your eyeballs in zucchini, who knows what harvest will bring.  But for now, the peaceful warm weather break at the top of our summer mountain is the perfect time to introduce vermiculture into home and garden.

You can add some Red Wigglers into your outdoor composter.  This is a great way to balance and enrich your compost along with faster production.  Composting worms simply thrive in warm temperatures so you’ll be building a healthy colony along the way, one that you may want to continue inside through the winter.  Incorporating worms into your composting scheme will pay dividends in the long run.

Anyone can try having a worm bin; they are perfect for apartment dwellers.  There’s no reason to miss out on the satisfaction of growing worms and soil just because you have no yard, worm bins fit anywhere.

Give worms some thought then contact us, your worms are waiting.

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