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Grass lawns are on their way out of favour, they hurt biodiversity; require more water, weeding and fertilizer than alternatives.

Lawns of grass are needless and quite frankly a little selfish in this day and age.  The concepts of lawns (not to be confused with grazed pasture areas) are thought to have begun in Europe in the 1600’s as a sign of wealth, power and station.  Maintained around castles, their practical purpose of clearing growth for enemies to hide in has long passed.  The original lawns were often comprised of more useful plants like chamomile and thyme. The industrial revolution and the invention of the lawnmower made the lawn more popular and accessible to lower classes.

Now we find vast landscapes of grass lawns covering cities and towns all over North America and really, what good do they do?  Cities and municipalities have actually passed punitive laws governing the upkeep and quality of these useless expanses.  They are of no purpose, when was the last time you saw anything grazing on the lawn or an enemy sneaking up to your castle, geesh, it’s ridiculous.

Let’s discard this relic of the past; you can make your lawn both beautiful and useful.  One alternative to grass include the very popular clover.  It’s grows slower requiring less mowing, about a fifth of the watering and because clover is a nitrogen fixing plant you need not fertilize. Another advantage to a nice thick clover covering is the ability to choke out other plants sometimes referred to as weeds.

Best of all in this win, win scenario is….. Clover FEEDS BEES!

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