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What’s happening to organic waste in your household?  Is it going to a landfill or are you employing environmentally safe waste management in house?  These are questions for every home owner and renter, urban or rural, every person really.  We are responsible for our garbage; we are holding the future of our planet and the future of our children in our hands.  We know the impact of Global Climate Change, we all know directly or indirectly a climate refugee, we now all feel in our lives the effect of climate change.  It can weigh heavily on the mind.  It can feel overwhelming and finding a balance that lets you live with yourself has never been more important.

We’ve written many times about the things you can do as an individual to help our environment and maybe as importantly provide your life with a little self-love secure in the knowledge that you’re doing your part.  You cannot be all things to all people however so finding a balance is paramount.  It’s time for a refresher in what you can do in your life and your house to make our world a better place.  Number one on our list is plastic.

Plastic is the scourge of material existence, it’s everywhere, micro fibers are found globally in water and that’s about as far as it will ever breakdown, it’s here to stay.  Stay the hell away from plastic!  If you can buy anything packaged without plastic make the change even if it costs you a few extra dollars.  Take your own bag to the store even if it makes you look like an old Granny your pride can take the hit.

Number two, compost, compost and compost, there are no excuses for not having compost bin now.  The old “I live in an apartment” just doesn’t wash anymore.  With a worm bin your organic waste can be turned into beautiful vermicast in a matter of weeks.  No smell, no muss, no fuss.  It’s easy, low maintenance and you can still travel for up to two weeks without getting a bin sitter.  It’s all about the balance.  Figure out how much food waste you’re generating a week and contact us for a consult.  We can help you design a system that works for you and your family.  The worm colony will grow; you can help your friends and neighbours, your community and the world.  Now if that doesn’t boost your piece of mind and make you feel better we don’t know a nicer way to achieve some self-love.

Best wishes for a happy Autumn Equinox today.

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