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Have you heard of the thin brown line?  It refers to the fragile layer of top soil that feeds our entire planet.  People don’t realize just how tenuous the balance between productive and sterile land can be.  There are vast tracts of unproductive poisoned growing areas all over the world.  Let this sink in…. 85% of the land on Mother Earth is unable to grow food!  When you consider that 2% of that soil is lost to erosion every year and combine it with the continued poisoning of huge areas annually, well it should give so pause to think.

Now turn your mind to the collapse of our Bee populations, Bees had a hand in the growth of 75% of the food you eat.  Pesticides are killing us and the pollinators of our world not just Bees.  When we join the dots we can see a picture of steady decline leading to a very dark and hungry future.

On top of this we can count on the flooding, drought and volatile weather caused by Global Climate Change, all adding up to more and more challenges to our existence as a species and, we won’t be the first to go.  Before our demise we’ll see the death of the living world around us.  It’s a lot like those space show episodes when the ship’s lost power and the air is running out… you honestly think the mother ship is going to bail us out of this one?

Back to the Worms and the Bees, because you know what…. They actually can save the day.  Think for a moment who it is that creates our soil, of course they don’t act alone but as an integral part of our soil life web the worms are working along with bacteria, fungi and microorganisms all over our planet.   They are creating the thin brown line of our precious top soil.  Without it we’re doomed.

Do you want to feel proactive and contribute to clean, healthy and productive soil?  You need to get some worms!  You’ll be a soil builder and you’ll have the satisfaction of being responsible for your personal organic waste management.

Start today and contact us here on the web site or through our Face Book page.

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