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Ah yes, that peaceful time of the year when your outdoor gardening is winding down and food producers can enjoy the bounty of their harvest.  If your fancy is floral, you may be feeling a little sad. Should’a popped in a few tomatoes eh?  Oh well, you can start your worm farm for the winter.  Just a reminder that our bulk kits our only available during the warm weather, pick one or two up this week.

And while we’re on reminders, if you have an indoor worm bin grab yourself some leaves.  Worm bins are a “closed” system.  Similar to an aquarium what goes in may not go out and the system can become unbalanced.  An example of this are oils, it’s not the citric acid in citrus fruits that cause trouble in your vermicompost these worms evolved to live in fresh manure after all, it’s the citric oils that add up. Oil and water don’t mix so as water evaporates the oils can add up and become toxic.  Other living aspects can take a misstep in a closed system.  Bacterial and fungi compete for resources as do other microorganisms, sometimes one strain will take the lead and your bin may not function at top composting ability.  Your going to need some “winter” leaves.

Wait for a nice dry spell and collect a bag or two of dry fallen leaves.  The type of tree isn’t too important, but try to find “clean” ones unaffected by molds or disease.  This dry carbon material will act as an inoculation for your bin over the winter.  The leaves carry micro-organisms that will help retain a bacterial balance in your bin.  Throw in a handful every week or two for overall bin health.  They also work as bedding material so if you want to go full bore have at it.

Red wigglers are leaf litter worms, living in the thin layer of decomposing material under the leaf litter and at the top of the soil surface. This is why all bins are topped with bedding, it replicates the natural composting habitat. One last reminder, if you haven’t got an indoor bin going at your place, start today, contact us right here on the web page or visit us on Face Book, we look forward to hearing from you!

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