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We’re headed to HempFest this weekend at the RBC Convention Centre in downtown Winnipeg!  HempFest! Yeah!

In 8 short months you will be able to grow your own Cannabis for recreational purposes and we’re here to help.  We want you to make the choice to grow organic.  Just like the food put into your body, organic cannabis can and should be healthy too.  There are many misconceptions swirling around this new found civil right and we can clear those up.  For years we have had a symbiotic relationship with our city’s dedicated craft medical cannabis cultivators. These people have felt the brunt of public opinion in a war of words that seldom reflects the amazing work they do or relief they give to patients across the country.  Now is the time to set the record strait with solid information and helpful answers.

Why not visit us at HempFest, we’ll be presenting with award winning medical grower “Golden Tree” at High noon on Saturday and you can talk to us at our booth (#38) all week end long.  We’ll keep the coffee pot on for you. learn more here

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