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As regular visitors to our site will know worm farming has seasons, at least these worm farmers have seasons. Our main facility is outdoors as are our satellite depots scattered throughout the cattle farming community of South Eastern Manitoba.  These operations are a part of our waste management branch and work to keep methane from cattle manure out of our atmosphere.  Happy farmers all round with beautiful vermicast for them at the end of the day.  (learn more here)  Still that doesn’t explain how we can continue to sell worms during the winter, what the heck…

We keep a large supply of worms in the city to keep the good work going and that my friends is no small task, they need food, alot of food.  Each year we team up with co-operating business and NGO’s in the past we’ve teamed with community centres and assisted living facilities.  Sometimes we work with retailers and we’re happy to say that this year we’ve found a match made in heaven.

Enter My Farmer’s Market  they deliver fresh, local produce to your front door!  What a deal!  I’m sure you can imagine that despite their best efforts fresh produce doesn’t stay fresh, this is a time sensitive endeavor and as with all best laid plans there is some waste produce that can now be vermicomposted.  When organic waste is kept out of the land fill it’s called waste stream diversion. It’s an important step in slowing global climate change and every little bit helps.

This co-operative union does not only divert organic waste it allows for our winter worm stock to eat and grow. We have pound and pounds of big chubby Red Wigglers just waiting for a new home.  If you want to begin composting your kitchen scraps and paper waste at home contact us, we’re here to help.

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