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People get into habits, good or bad, and we know that a habit can be hard to break so if you’re in the habit of composting in the summer, the winter months can be quite disquieting. You friend need a worm bin to keep those good composting vibes going.

An indoor Vermicomposting bin allows you to continue diverting food waste from the landfill all year long.  As you go you’ll be creating beautiful worm castings for your plants to use inside and out.  A worm bin can be a simple or complex as you choose, many people start with a standard 38 L Rubbermaid bin.  These are cheap to buy and easy to set up.  Some folks like the sleeker look of a stacking tray system also easy to set up and use.  You may want to design your own and why not, self made bins can be very effective.

No matter your preference you will need some worms.  During the winter our worm stock has nothing to do but eat and multiply which is exactly what they’re doing.  We have worms aplenty to populate whatever system you decide to go with, don’t delay contact us here through the webpage or visit us on Face Book, your worms are waiting!

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