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Here’s a thought, buy nothing today.  Yes we know it’s Black Friday, the sweet siren call from the winter holiday season, it’s calling you from the future.  You know what else awaits in the coming days?  Bills, they aren’t quite so alluring with their song.  What more can we predict, let’s take a look at the long term problem with our mass consumer culture.

It’s unsustainable to start, you can not keep producing products that ultimately become waste, and not the “good” waste either.  Waste that contributes back into the natural system like compost.  This is the chemical and plastic garbage that clogs the very arteries and veins of our planet’s surface; that thin protective layer of air, water and earth that allows you and yours to breath, eat and live.  This is serious business, more serious than the glossy flyers enticing you to shop.  This is the waste stream and many people don’t give it the time of day but your waste, be it biological, chemical or gaseous ends up somewhere.  This is also something you can gain control over, you have some power here.

Corporations and think tanks spend billions of dollars and thousands of hours figuring out ways to make you spend your money.  They try to convince you that must posses their product or service.  Some are more convincing than others; you do need food for example.  We’ve explored this topic on our website before, we are, in the end a big part of the waste stream and we realize it probably sounds a bit hypocritical to ask you to buy some worms on Buy Nothing Day.  In our defense, play your cards right and this could be a one time investment for you, worms reproduce like bunnies!  More than bunnies!  You will be diverting waste from the land fill, produce CO2 not Methane. The Vermicast you grow with your worms will enrich the soil in your home and garden, a practical addition to your waste stream system.

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