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Vermiculture has certainly gained ground in the last five to ten years.  When we started NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD back in the day, no one had a clue what we were talking about when we discussed our livelihoods and passion.  Over the years and in no small part due to our dedicated public outreach, “Worm Farming” is now in the common vocabulary and most people have at the least a rudimentary understanding of the process. Well done everyone!

There’s still some confusion around the finer points of vermiculture of course, let’s face it unless your getting paid to know, the Latin names for the multitude of micro-organisms involved escape even the most dedicated layman. For our part, we try to answer all questions posed to us and if we don’t know, we’re happy to explore for explanations together, no shame in that.

Today we plan to have a lighthearted look at some of the pressing inquiries from our friends….

No. 1  Q.  “If you cut a worm in half will it grow a new tail?”    A.  How many times….. if you cut a worm in half it DIES people.

No. 2  Q.  “If there was only one worm left in the world, could it mate with itself to save the day?”     A.  No, as Hermaphrodites these worms do have both female and male reproductive organs however, never the twain shall meet. It still takes two to tango and it’s physically impossible for one worm to get that job done.

No.  3  Q.  “How many hearts does a worm have?”   A. Red Wigglers are annelids or segmented worms, apart from the front and back ends plus the reproductive segment, the bulk of the worm’s segments are identical and they do not have hearts per say.  More like nerve clusters, two per segment that assist the movement of hemoglobin  through arteries.  They do have blood flow.  The number of nerve clusters can vary from five to eight per species with some adding new segments as they grow bigger and some having a set number of segments.

No. 4  Q. “Can I eat them?”  A.  Well, they won’t kill you…. if you must eat a worm, we suggest feeding the victim cantaloupe or apple for a few days before, the theory being that’s what you’ll taste.

Hope this helps and as always your feedback is welcome.  Contact us here on the website or through our Face Book page.  Happy Worm Farming!

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