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Hold on to your hats and gird your loins we’re shifting gears and plowing full speed ahead into 2018.  It can’t be much worse than 2017 right? Let’s review… the pain really started right off the hop last year when the American people, some of them anyway, voted into office an orange imitation of a person whose very first official move was to approve the continuation of a pipeline through First Nations land south of the border.  He then proceeded to gut almost every environmental protection mechanism on the books in favour of big oil, big pharma and big agro.  Just last week the fat mouth with no brain gave the thumbs up to the expansion of off shore drilling.  Meanwhile in Canada we have a gender parity cabinet that has made little progress in the fight to curb Global Climate Change.  Don’t get us wrong, some is better than none.

We can look forward to finally putting a price on carbon.  The Federal government will be forcing each province to implement a carbon tax, if they don’t comply the feds will do it for them.  Manitoba’s current government was an embarrassing hold out for a time and has still not found a workable solution.  The truth is that we’re past the point of no return on climate change.  With atmospheric carbon dioxide levels above the 400 ppm level we are now faced with unprecedented climatic conditions that have not occurred in the past 400,000 years. It’s impossible to comprehend the future we will be living with.  Our children’s children will now be dealing with environmental conditions that can not sustain human life as we know it.

We are on the ride of our lives and if you want to stay ahead of the curve the time is now for radical change, screw the New Year’s resolutions and start now, get it done.  You are not powerless, you have the power to choose.  Make 2018 the year of change, it’s already started.  Never before have we had the instant communication ability we have today, use it and for crying out loud start composting, maybe plant a tree….

We’re going nowhere, we’re proud to say we’ve been in this flight from the get go and we’ll keep farming and composting.  We’re here to help, please feel free to contact us on the web page or face book.  We can get a conversation going, we’re going to need to talk this year coming, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

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