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Winter is the perfect time to concentrate on the health and happiness of your house plants.  These cheerful green additions to your home are proven to alleviate the “winter blues” and improve indoor air quality. They are our silent companions and often overlooked as a living part of the household, they don’t complain.  If your dog or cats living conditions became nonsustaining, you’d quickly notice a deterioration in their health.  Plants show their state of health too in more subtle and slower ways.  The time it takes for a plant to show off colored leaves can be weeks in the making and it can take weeks to get it back into prime condition. What started the downfall in the first place?

Soil health is a factor in the well being of house plants.  They are bound for life in a small habitat wholly reliant on you for their nutrient needs.  Many people fall back on chemical fertilizers   a one time rush of nutrients that may or may not provide your plant with the proportion they need at the time. The addition of vermicast will never “burn” your plants.

Not only does it provide a safe and steady flow of NPK to your little (or big) green friends it will continue working within the soil web of life to nourish a thriving micro-biological co-operative of organisms that build not deplete soil.  It’s the difference between being organic or not.  Organic producers are playing the long game, chemical fertilizers are more like a binge drunk for you plants and hangovers are not a pretty sight.

You can incorporate the use of vermicast, either from an outside source like us or you can start an in house system to supply your own using composting worms which… erm, you can also buy from us. What using organic castings will do is set you up for the long game, a continuous cycle of nutrients replicating nature’s most perfect system, the Nitrogen cycle.


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