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We’ve been getting alot of inquiries about wet, sloppy worm bins lately.  People have found their bins becoming too saturated and for some this leads to an unpleasant odor or heaven forbid, drowned worms.  Worms do like a fair amount of moisture in their environment and can in fact tolerate almost saturated material.  Standing water in a bin is a step too far however and this will create hostile conditions. Anaerobic bacteria can grow in stagnant liquid producing methane and methane smells really terrible.

There are a number of methods to remedy an over-wet bin.  Sometimes the easiest solutions is to simply add more dry bedding, once it’s saturated you can discard it and add new dry material, repeating this process until the bin become dry.

In a standing water situation you may want to tilt the bin and physically bail out the low end until the liquid is reduced.

Time heals all as they say, don’t worry about not feeding your worms in order to give the bin time to dry out.  They will shrink in size but quickly recover once they resume feeding.

If you’d like to have a safe guard in place to prevent worm drowning deaths you can create a layer of material at the bottom of the bin to act as safety net of sorts, we suggest heavy straw.  This way even if your bin develops standing water at the bottom, the worms can use the straw to keep their heads above water.

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