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As visitors to our website will know, NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD produces vermicast, the end product of composting with worms.  We have shared many a post on this core topic, the 5 W’s if you will.  Here is a small sampling of our website articles to date.  Learn more here  

We encourage all our readers to be sensitive to a sustainable environment and commit to organic production methods for all their horticultural needs.  We’re not just doing this to sell our product, sounds a bit rich we know but true none the less.  We are dedicated to carbon reduction, soil preservation and reclamation.  In a world that loses 2% of its arable topsoil every year we’ve pledged to help make up that loss and with Global Climate Change upon us make no mistake this possesses great value.

What’s at stake?  Think of Vermicomposters as a kind of insurance, a glimpse into the future.  Not the dreaded doom and gloom future of famine, floods and plague either, it’s the good news future of food security and carbon reduction.  We put a lot of thought into sustainability, our operation is conducted outdoors the only one of its kind as far as we know.  We use solar power and actively strive to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.  We use re-purposed packaging that would otherwise biodegrade in a landfill.

We employ these business practices because we understand the “cost in the cast” and what we can do to improve our environment now and in the future.  When we ask you to take another step along with us toward sustainability the transaction is bigger than finance, it is a little insurance to make sure that future exists.

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