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Ah March, that unpredictable harbinger of spring… or not. March is a notorious time of year, here on the prairies it’s not uncommon for a late season blizzard to blow through or stormy rains can wash the winter blues right down the sewer, honestly folks, it’s a crap shoot. But what do do know for sure is that spring is on the way and gardeners and farmers alike are getting excited.

Do you have a garden plan or are you more of the guerrilla gardening sort?  If you’re lovingly looking at seed catalogs and carefully plotting out the placement of your new found treasures make sure to find some room for composting in your garden plan.  If you haven’t started your compost yet, what’s the hold up?  Did you know that frozen material degrades into compost faster than raw unfrozen fruits and veg?

Many people continue to throw kitchen scrapes into the composter all winter long and why not, it’s amazing how fast the scraps vanish into rich soil come the spring. The fast conversion is a result of bacterial action and the ease in which that bacteria gain access to the food source.  Anything you can do to increase the surface area of food waste material will help to speed up composting this allows the bacteria to colonize and begin to brake down the waste. Freezing work the best because freezing actually bursts open the cell walls of the vegetable or fruit waste allowing the bacteria quick purchase.

This is why we encourage people to freeze  then thaw the food they put into their worm bin too. Go ahead folks, get that compost going and when you’re ready for worms…. contact us, we’ll be happy to help.


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