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Do Red Wigglers (Eisenia fetida)  make good fishing bait?  Apparently, this depends on who you ask, whew, there are a ton of mixed messages on this question!

We’re not big fishing folks here at the worm farm.  We’ve certainly sold many a worm down the road to a watery grave but haven’t personally used any of them in combination with a hook.  That’s not to say we don’t feed worms to fish, our in house aquarium has a very chubby population of happy cichlids.  Indeed there are many equally well fed fish, reptiles and amphibians living in Winnipeg who have benefited from including Red Composting Worms in their diet.

It’s safe to say Eisenia fetida are good fish food and well accepted by aquatic diners. The question remains though, are they effective bait in the age old art of the cast?  At this point we should probably beg forgiveness for our ignorance of the grand sport of fishing from our angling friends…. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve heard about using Red Wigglers for bait.

-they work great for small fish like Perch and Crappie.

-they give “good action” on the hook.

-they are too damn small to get on the f*cking hook.

-they are hard to keep alive on a trip.

Rumors abound, some say you can buy Wigglers at bait shops in the U.S. where they are used more commonly. No doubt not all fisher folk are worm farmers so these reports may have confused indigenous Earthworms with Red Wigglers but who can tell?  We really need some input on this question.  You be the judge, have a look at today’s photo of our worms on a standard CD disk then please weigh in with your “fishing with worms” experiences.  Let’s solve this mystery together; maybe we should open a bait shop.

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