Outdoor Vermicast 10L, 20L bags
Outdoor Vermicast is screened and sifted.  It may contain eggs and some seed sprouting is expected.  Any viable eggs or worms will perish over the winter months when used outside.
10 Litre bag     $7.50      20 Litre bag     $13.00

Indoor Vermicast 5L – 10L bags
Indoor Vermicast is screened and bagged, frozen and aged to eradicate any living eggs and worms.  Some stubborn seeds can survive a trip through a worms digestive tract so a small amount of sprouting may occur with initial use.
5 Litre bag       $7.50      10 Litre bag     $12.50


                                             Red Wriggler Worms

Eisenia foetida (red worms)
Started kit,  contains compost, worms, worm eggs and bedding material.   NOTE: The Starter kits are NOT available from Oct. 1 until April, weather pending.
2 Litre     $15.00         4 Litre     $25.00

100 mL clean worms (only worms)   Available year round.

Reduced rates on bulk orders!

Order By Phone:
Mike Jaques 204-434-6887   (Sarto MB)
Jen Unwin 204-837-4190   (Winnipeg)

Order by email:

14 Responses to Products

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi there!
    Just wondering if it’s too late to order worms from you? Is there a time that it becomes too cold to ship them? We are wanting to but a worm compost but don’t want to be held up til spring to get started.
    Thanks so much! Enjoying your site!

  2. Upendra says:

    hey if I order a bag/worms, will you ship it to me or do I have to come pick it up?

    • admin says:

      Hi, that depends on where you live. Now that the weather is warming up we can ship within Manitoba, Sask and N.w. Ontario. We use the Greyhound and should caution that transpot is often more costly than the worms. You can pick up in Winnipeg or at our facility South of Steinbach.

  3. ShereeLynn says:

    I was wondering if it’s too early to pick up worms? Also, in your $30 starter kit, is the 200ml for the worms AND bedding or 200ml of just worms PLUS bedding? Thx!

    • admin says:

      Yes you can pick up worms. The 200 mL starter kit contains 200 mL of measured “clean” worms (only worms) packed in newspaper bedding with castings.

  4. Natasha says:

    Do you have any worms available yet ?

  5. Cherie F says:

    Can you ship Canada Post?

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